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Flower Backdrop


In a busy routine with weekends and public holidays available for some relaxation and family time, people tend to utilize each and every free moment to make memories by spending time with family and friends. Apart from these days, the calendar has special dates too; someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. that calls for celebration.

Backdrop trends

Theme parties are trending a lot in modern times. With increasing trends in hiring caters, professional chefs, event planners and photographers for any event, a new trend has risen for backdrop hire services, specially flower backdrop hire Melbourne. It is supposed to be the main focus to highlight the person or theme of whom/what the event is all about.

Flower backdrops

Flower backdrop hire service is availed specifically to organize a backdrop using floral arrangement. Flower backdrop is used in many unique ideas:

  • To be the design of a specific photobooth corner in a bridal shower or birthday event; since photography is an important aspect in the road to making memories, a well-designed flower backdrop to be used as the background of photos, is highlighted and remembered forever.
  • Flower backdrop is always a good idea to be the background of the bridal stage, since it is the main focus area for the guests and bride and groom sitting place, where family photographs are taken. Hence a professional flower backdrop hire provides promising ideas and arrangement of such backdrops, to be remembered by all.
  • In the celebration of a newborn baby, any event is incomplete without a floral arrangement; in the form of a backdrop for the baby’s cradle, that will serve the purpose of a special photobooth as well.
  • Theme parties are not complete without a backdrop portraying the theme on which the party is based and a flower backdrop carrying elements of the theme gives a unique and promising look.

Types of flowers

In arranging flower backdrops, there is a huge variety of flowers to be used in the backdrop. Flower backdrop hire provides with options to the clients to choose from the material, color scheme and type of arrangement.

  • Gerbera daisies are an ideal choice for a colorful boho theme couple photoshoot.
  • Hanging flowers along with hanging letters (representing the theme for example birthday wish or initials of the couple to wed) with silk or any cloth hanging behind, is a great budget friendly idea for any event.
  • 3D flowers made with paper is a creative idea for any birthday or bridal shower theme backdrop.
  • Colors have a huge impact on the whole setting; dark and warm shades of flower backdrop in winter parties like Halloween or Christmas, shades of pink and yellow for birthday girls or newborn girl celebrations etc.


Many different types of events take place in our daily life. Every event needs a different type of arrangement.  Using flower backdrops is common to almost all events that can be arranged within budget, adding beauty to the event as well. Check this website to find out more details.