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Importance Of Information Technology

I.T stands for Information technology. Information technology is the technology which includes all the data which is found anywhere (books or computer etc.) and process it through computer for useful purposes. In this 21st century, the modern era Information technology plays a vital role in many fields in the whole wide world.

If there will be no technology so we won’t be able to have a good lifestyle. As the lifestyle we are carrying is super easy and improved due to technology. The people of previous centuries lived a difficult life with lot of struggles. In next few years importance of I.T will increase. I.T has made all the things possible which we used to think was impossible.

Not only in computer science department, has it played huge role in medical department, business and more making society better. It has some benefits as well. Due to information technology there is increase in employment, it also makes communication easier and nowadays online shopping makes people life easier. It helps people to improve their lifestyles and also helps country to be developed in the following ways.

Helps to improve business

  I.T department helps business to run more efficiently. It increases productivity and enhances quality. Every company, office or schools have their I.T department which helps company more smoothly. I.T department of any institute or office is something really important which should be extra secure and should not leaked or else the owner could face the loss.

Importance of I.T of field of Education

Due to I.T it makes easier for teachers to do their jobs.  Technology makes teaching and learning more easy and interesting for teachers as well as students. This process of teaching and learning gets more interesting and fun with the help new educational or technological applications.

Source of Employment

Due to I.T, there more job opportunities for software or hardware programmers or computer engineers.  It also helps to reduce unemployment rate and poverty. A person can do B.S (Bachelors in Science) in I.T (Information Technology) and get a good job in I.T company from Sydney. As I.T companies are progressing well in this modern world.

Source of Communication

Due to Information Technology (I.T), the communication becomes easier and more efficient. A person can connect with other through chatting, voice calls or video calls. This easier, quicker way to stay in touch. Due to this, one country can have good relation with others.

Source of Online Shopping

Only Information Technology makes it possible that by sitting at home we can do shopping. Due to I.T we have this facility of having business open for whole day which is 24 hours. It takes shopping to another level that we can purchase by other countries as well which is easier too.  We have to do nothing as it will be deliver to us without any hurdle.